Create a SurvPal account today to receive your

3 months unlimited use free trial

After your trial period ends there are:

 No annual subscription fees

 No monthly payment commitments

 No minimum usage policy

 SurvPal operates a simple Pay-per-use system and you will be invoiced monthly for what you use.

 There is no charge for setting up additional users and the Download Log allows you to monitor costs.

 You will not be charged for creating a Letter of Appointment for an instruction that never materialises – just email us for a
credit or refund.

 You will not be charged for downloading further copies of the same document (for example a second set of notices).

 Referral Scheme – You will also receive a gift each time you refer a job to a new Surveyor who isnʼt already using SurvPal
(terms & conditions apply)

£4.50 Plus VAT

To add each new Adjoining Owner

This provides you with unlimited downloads of Notices
and letters up to the point of Award generation

£4.50 Plus VAT

To generate each Award

Creating all other documents in between the “Stages” above is entirely free of charge.

The Real Cost – examples!

 A job as Building Ownerʼs Surveyor with two Adjoining Owners and one Award would cost a total of £13.50 +VAT.

 Adjoining Owner appointment would cost £4.50+VAT per Adjoining Owner to generate unlimited documents, excluding the Award.

 The cost of using SurvPal is less than 1% of the fee charged to prepare an Award (based on a cost of £950 +VAT per Award).

 To prepare all relevant documents and an Award for an Adjoining Owner you can save £300-450 against the cost of £9.00 +VAT for using SurvPal (based on 2-3 hours work at £150 per hour).