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I am a sole trader & do it all myself…

On a straightforward Building Owner appointment there are typically 7 to 9 documents required per Adjoining Owner. Even if youʼre an experienced Surveyor, the total time to draft all of these document is at least an hour.Complex projects take much longer as further Notices, letters of consent and increasing admin piles up.

With SurvPal all these documents are just one click away. SurvPal generates the documents and automatically populates the fields with dates, names, addresses and the relevant Notice and Award clauses.

Use SurvPal to help you track the progress of each job – you can monitor each Adjoining Owner via your Job Zone. And youʼll receive email reminders so you wonʼt miss important deadlines.

I am an experienced surveyor working efficiently with a PA/secretary...

With SurvPal you create perfect, error free documents every time. Creating additional users within your account is free.

Your PA/Secretary can use SurvPal to prepare the documents on your behalf, which will free their time to help you with other tasks. Not only will the documents be consistently clear of mistakes but your cost saving will be significant. Time saved means money saved.

Your personal time also benefits as the days of dictating and double checking documents are over.

Plus the progress of each Adjoining Owner can be tracked in SurvPal and email reminders will be sent so you wonʼt miss important deadlines.

I have my own system and have accumulated award templates covering all possible scenarios…

Creating templates to cover every single combination of Building Owner and Adjoining Owner scenario (male/female/joint owner/company) would mean a total stock of 16 different templates. Thatʼs a lot of templates!

These still need to be tailored to each specific project with details of the Building Owner, Adjoining Owners, Surveyors, Third Surveyor. The Notice(s) need dating and the details of the proposed works need adding. All of this needs double checking and copying manually into the documents. Then thereʼs the addition of specific clauses into Awards – do you manually copy and paste these one by one from a document you keep?

With SurvPal you have one Award template and one Agreed Surveyor Award template. All details are automatically populated. You select the specific clauses that you wish to use with a single click at the Award generation stage.

I have just started working as a Party Wall Surveyor and I need to keep the costs down…

In addition to 3 months unlimited free trial there are no annual or ongoing monthly charges.

Did you recently complete a course? You soon will be taking on your first appointments and will begin to realise there is much more to it than the use of a single, standard award template for each job. Almost every instruction provides its own set of challenges. You need to tailor your Notices and Awards accordingly. Our system comes ready to use with numerous templates and standard clauses that will help you get started and accelerate your learning.

As you receive more jobs, how will you keep track of all the notice periods? You will need to establish your own method of working and SurvPal can make this easy for you.

I only do occasional Party Wall work...

SurvPal has no annual subscription fee, no monthly fees and no minimum usage policy. You are simply charged on a pay-per-use basis.

As you know, all Party Wall work requires good administrative procedures. It is easy to let an important date slip your mind. For example, you may forget that you ever saw a Letter of Appointment for a slow running project.

SurvPal keeps track of the project and will remind you if you have skipped any step in the process, however small. You will also receive an email when a notice period is due to expire.

You will achieve significant time savings, making it possible for you to focus on other projects.

I work in a practice with other Surveyors, my junior does the legwork for me…

Creating accounts for multiple SurvPal users is completely free. You can create accounts for colleagues, juniors, admin staff and consultants.

SurvPal will ensure that your team consistently produces quality documents based on your preferred templates and standard clauses – no more typos or mistakes.

This will also free up their time (and yours!) to work on other projects.

As a senior Surveyor, your Job Zone allows you to monitor the progress of your projects at a glance. You can see when Schedules of Condition have been undertaken and check that Letters of Appointment have been exchanged before signing Awards.

Should you receive any unexpected client calls, you can confirm the status of a project just by looking at your Job Zone – thereʼs no need to hurriedly find a colleague with the answers.

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