SurvPal is the companion website every Party Wall Surveyor has been waiting for!

Saving you the time administration takes up

Saving you the time missed reminders take up

Saving you the time endless duplication takes up

The website was created by Jean-Pierre Panchaud MRICS FFPWS, a London based Party Wall Surveyor. Although launched in 2013, the initial idea of SurvPal was developed some time earlier from a basic spreadsheet set up for notice creation and contact detail storage.

Over time the spreadsheet expanded in functionality to the point that its value as a tool was evident. With years of party wall experience, we know what works. Following much refinement and intensive testing, SurvPal is here!

We believe in functionality and ease of use. Accessibility and time saving is at the heart of what we do. If you have any feature requests or design comments please send them to . Please keep them coming! SurvPal is continually evolving so you can help shape ongoing improvements. The more a feature is requested, the higher its development priority.

Once youʼve used Survpal, youʼll never go back. See details of our 3 months unlimited free trial on the Prices page. Itʼs time for you to have more time!

You can rest assured when storing data with SurvPal. Please click here for our Data Protection Policy.

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